March Recap

March has been wild.

I was featured in with the below. Check out their website here

First round of edits for Xcian’s story is complete and I’m working on the second round. Still no release date but that should be coming soon!

I’m working feverishly on Galen and Hawke’s story.

The Furies continue to chew on Galen’s sanity. Secrets he’s kept buried behind his heart begins to seep through. The darkness he’s tainted himself with to bring upon an ending to the human realm begins to fray when he meets a fallen angel with a dark past.

But can Galen trust him?

Will he give his brothers the chance to learn of his past and help him?

I’m not sure yet! I still have at least 30,000 words to go!

I commissioned an artist to draw Xcian’s god form and am excited to see how it comes out! Join my newsletter for a first view of it! I found some great reads this month. Check my Insta account to check them out.

That’s it for me this month.

Take care,

February Re-cap

What readers are saying!

I want to thank all my readers!

Zane and his brothers have more stories coming.

The Sword: Xcian is currently in edits and I’m at midpoint with Galen’s story.

I’ve commissioned a wonderful artist to draw that bathing scene in Zane’s story and she did an awesome job! A sneak peek here, but if you want the full body view, join my newsletter for the password to the exclusive tab. You’ll also get some exclusive material every month. 18t required.

I just might have to commission for illustrations of their demon versions. Hm…that would be a sight to see! And to tease you some more, check out Xcian below, along with a first look at the cover to the 2nd book.

Xcian is one naughty demon. Yes, I just said naughty.